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In the east an ancient evil awaken. Two immortal dragons, Char and Cindar, stir from their centuries’ long torpor to seek vengeance on those who imprisoned them.

Levet, the daughter of prophecy, struggles with her own role to play as the dragons rise. She must journey through the lands of men and sylns to learn the way of the islands and their customs.

Jarvis, a human lord, rises in power. The human islands fall to his sword as he runs a campaign with ruthlessness and magic.

The first novel in “The Great Wyrm Saga,” is a broad sweeping epic that plunges peaceful islands into war and returns to power an evil so terrible that neither Sylns nor men can stand up to it.



We offer short fiction to help our authors promote their books. In order to submit short fiction to Azure Spider Publications, you must be a signed author and you are wanting to increase your audience by introducing them to their world with short stories. These stories are on sale at all ebook distributors for 99 cents.

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