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Romancing the Books Blog 5 Stars

I’m not totally new to the fantasy genre, and this book being billed as dark fantasy made me pause for a bit. However, I was amazed to find that I enjoyed it a lot, and while there was some gore and lots of violence, I didn’t find myself cringing too much. Every time I start a new fantasy, it would take me some time to acquaint myself with the characters and the world, and it’s the same here, but once I did, the story carried me along every exciting step of the way until the end.

The worldbuilding was superb, truly fantastic. The world was always night, the characters didn’t know there was such a thing as day and night, and I thought at first that their world was such. When the truth was revealed, it was so much more and I was flabbergasted and amazed. Wow. That’s just one example, there are others, and to experience the fabulousness of this novel, you truly have to read this.

The characters are distinct one from the other, and I have to commend the author on the great characters he had created. It was especially fun to read about the author’s dream cast (another stop on the tour) and imagine the actors playing out the characters in my imagination as I read.

Overall, an exciting adventure you won’t want to miss!

Random Thoughts of a Book Nerd 4 Stars

Never a dull moment from the first page to the last. We open with Lucia singing for her livelihood only to fall afoul of thieves. I thought Kaius would rescue her (since he killed the thief), but the author has something else in mind. The twists and turns in the story astounded me and kept me riveted to the pages. I have to say that i was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected events, as i had never expected the author to take the story in that direction. But i love it when a story is able to engage and immerse me totally in its world. The world and the concept of the eaters totally awesome and fascinating.

Kaius was, in a word, cool. I love how he was first and foremost a warrior. He tried to learn politics, though it wasn't to his liking. Lucia is great, too. I like how she always has a song for whatever occasion. I like what the author has done with the songs, how they serve as a repository for concepts and things long gone. It's a reflection of our world, before storage for writing was invented. Back to Lucia, sad to say, I didn't quite like her as the story goes. She's truly not suited for the new life she's been given, and dare I say, not smart enough to adapt. However, I do understand why she acted that way, and her actions are quite consistent with her character.

I do wish the book had been given another pass by an editor as there were punctuation and grammar errors. I can only hope the copy I read is not the final one.



Incredible is a mild term to describe this story. I had to look a couple of time to ensure I hadn't accidentally picked up one of my Lovecraftian or REH-esque omnibuses as I devoured the book. Ms. Ocborne knows how to craft a tale that could be swapped with any coming out of that noir period. Her characters, although a little pastiche, grew within the story and became characters you wanted to root for. This book was in the same vein as any Cthulhloid tale told in modern times.

In a pace that didn't allow much time for anyone in or out of the story to catch their breath, Starting from political rallies and a nightclub in Seattle, we are whisked to a town called Firemountain, somewhere within spitting distance of Mount St. Helen where, like Arkham, Dunwich or Innsmouth, are nestled in deep, old growth pine mountains, isolated and somewhat backwardly oblivious to the modern time. Here we find our heroes Diana, a reporter, and Jake, a Founder. arriving in town as it is besieged by cultists of an elder being, not seen since it was believed destroyed in the 14th Century!

Although the strange occurrences that bring together, the forces of the Sacred and Profane with a somewhat jaded aplomb, it did not detract from the overall plot of this story and as we left our heroes, two figures, one golden, one silver, throw out the words Ragnarok and Armedggon, promising more stories from Firemountain, and maybe expand to a shared-universe from like-minded authors.

I can sum this up as a if you enjoyed the Wheel of Time series with it's multitude of characters and in-depth lands then this is for you. You may need a notebook to keep everything straight though as there is a lot.

I enjoyed the plot and the massive world building but for me it was too much to keep straight and I found myself going back to remember who was who and how they go into the bigger story.